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Hi Friends.

My name is Fajal Rahi, I am the owner of this blog in physicsmathstutor.xyz, in this blog you will get to read a lot of information like (Physical maths tutor, physics maths tutor Geography, physics chemistry biology, organic, chemistry and science,

And if I talk about my education, I am studying from (St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata). And now I am doing IT (Computer Science) course and now my course will be over by 2022. I was very interested in things related to physics since childhood – and I enjoy science, I am always trying to learn something related to sciencs. That’s why I went into the field of IT. Along with my college studies, I also started blogging.

And due to the field of IT, I also know Coong, as I have managed my blog, to read something new on our blog, you come to our blog and read something new to you and you can read our blog daily. Huh

If you have any query regarding site, advertisement and any other issue please feel free to contact on [email protected]