An Example of Chemical Change | And find out how

An Example of Chemical Change? When a substance combines with another substance to form a third substance, or a substance breaks down to form another substance, it is called a chemical change. An example of this is rusting of iron, in which a reaction occurs when iron comes in contact with water and that water comes in contact with oxygen, due to which that iron gets corroded, it is called rusting of iron. And these chemical changes are irreversible which means that the reaction cannot be brought back to the same state.

How to recognize chemical change :

Some special methods of detecting a chemical change In a chemical change, either the color will change or the test will change and overall the substance will not be able to return to its former state.

Whereas in physical change only the physical state of matter changes like solid to gas or liquid etc.

Some examples are given below

After burning coal becomes ash which cannot be converted into coal again hence chemical change

Milk turns sour after decomposition, which cannot be converted back into milk, so chemical changes

Water is formed from an element called hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen is flammable and oxygen is helpful in burning, whereas water extinguishes fire, so it is proved that water is also a new substance and water never changes into hydrogen and oxygen, hence the use of water. Creation is also a chemical change.

Formation of Vapor Normally on heating water, only its physical state changes i.e. it changes into vapour, by the process of condensation the vapor again turns into water, hence it is a physical change.

An Examples of chemical changes :

  • 1 Fruit ripening
    2 Cooking of food
    3 Digestion of food
    4 Respiration
    5 Photosynthesis
    6 Rusting of iron
    7 Copper turning green
    8 Corrosion of metals
    9 Oxidation
    10 Reduction and
    11 All chemical reactions (except some reversible reactions)
    12 leaf fall off the tree
    13 Dry leaves

Examples of physical change :

  • 1 Ice to water
    2 vVporization of water
    3 And their reverse process
    4 Candle melting
    5 Melting of anything
    6 Sublimation of camphor (as camphor directly converts to gas and can be converted back to camphor)
    7 Boiling water
    8 Dry cut wood
    9 Chopping vegetables with a knife
    10 Freshly cut apple
    11 Transpiration in plants
    12 Dot secretion in plantsKeep in mind that if the question comes like that what is the process of burning a candle, then it is both chemical and physical because some candle burns and some melts, but if the question comes that burning of the mouth is a chemical change.

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