Bhulekh Jharkhand Portal 2022 | Jharkhand online land record

Jharbhoomi is a single-window service for all land records, land details information in Jharkhand. This has been possible due to the modernization program of Digital India Land Records. In this way, due to this initiative, the Jharkhand government provides all the land-related information, all the details of the land to the citizens, investors, and other stakeholders. Citizens of the state can easily search/view land registers and all the information of Khasra online and other related information in a convenient way.

Jharbhoomi Portal has been prepared by the Government of Jharkhand for the official land record website. On the website, all the residents of the state can check their account number, land records, online mutation of land, has details online, online payment of land tax, and much more. Next, we try to know how to check land records on Jharbhumi Official Portal.

Bhulekh Jharkhand Khatauni 2022:

In today’s digital age, the whole world is much ahead of India in this race of digitization. But this does not mean that it is not working in India. The governments of India are also paying a lot of attention to this. Along with the central government, the state government is also rapidly taking its work on the online platform. Different portals related to different departments are being created.

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To this, the Jharkhand government has created its own Jharbhoomi Bhulekh portals like Bhulekh portals of other states like Uttar Pradesh Bhulekh portal, Uttarakhand Bhulekh and Rajasthan’s e dharti portal etc. This portal has been made by the government keeping in mind the facilities of the people of the state. Through this, farmers or any other Jharkhand resident can easily see all the land records inside their state.

Jharbhoomi Bhulekh portal 2022 Overview

  • Portal Name – (Jharbhoomi Bhulekh portal)
  • Started by – (Department of Revenue, Government of Jharkhand)
  • Prepared by whose cooperation – (NIC Jharkhand)
  • Purpose – (To make the land records of all the residents of the state available online.)
  • Beneficiary – (People of Jharkhand)
  • Provided – (Key Services)
  • Land Records,- (Khatauni, Khasra, Registry Details, Land Map etc.)
  • Official Website – (

Purpose of Jharkhand Apna Account

With this online facility, now you can see the complete details of your land without any hassle. Through this online portal, the government has to digitize every piece of information related to the land.

  • Through this online portal now citizens of the state can check all the land records online.
  • Your account statement can be printed out from the official website of Revenue Registration and Land Reforms Department Jharkhand. Which people can use for their non-government work.
  • The main objective of this scheme of the government is to reduce fraud and disturbances in horse-trading.
  • Now the complete details of the land can also be obtained by entering your account number from this online portal.
  • With this facility, you can now get all the information about measles online.

List of Services of Jharkhand Apna Khata Portal :

  • The facility of online payment of land tax in the portal
  • Mutation of land in Jharkhand rejected
  • Apna Khata and land map details
  • Digitization of Revenue and Registry Records
  • Transfer of land for plans and projects
    Land Record Details (Khasra and Khata)
  • Prevention against fraudulent activities relating to land or property
  • You can get the land records online by using your account number.
  • Now online Jamabandi copy can be removed by Khasra number.

Jharbhoomi Bhulekh Jharkhand List of Districts Available Online

In Jharbhoomi land record, Jharkhand, online data of all the districts of Jharkhand has been made available.  We have given below the details of all the districts whose Bhulekh data is available online on the Jharbhoomi portal.  You can view and download the Bhulekh details of these districts given below like Khatauni, your account details, Khasra Online by login

  1. Garhwa
  2. Simdega
  3. Dhanbad
  4. Ranchi
  5. Koderma
  6. West Singhbhum
  7. Latehar
  8. East Singhbhum
  9. Chatra
  10. Khunti
  11. Hazaribagh
  12. Dumka
  13. godda
  14. Jamtara
  15. Palamu
  16. Saraikela Kharsawan
  17. Gumla
  18. Pakur
  19. Ramgarh
  20. Deoghar
  21. Bokaro
  22. Sahebganj
  23. Giridih
  24. Lohardaga

Online services are available on Jharbhoomi Bhulekh Jharkhand Portal :

Friends, the Jharbhoomi Bhulekh portal is different from the Bhulekh portals of other states of India. We have seen almost similarities in the Bhulekh portal of other states. Only limited services have been provided in them. But Jharbhoomi is completely different from the portals of all these states. There are many options available in this. Apart from only measles, Khatauni, land map, all the options are available including registry, dispute related details complaints. The following online services can be seen on the Jharkhand Bhulekh Jamabandi portal related to land details.

  • own account record
  • Khatian
  • register 2
  • Jharbhoomi Naksha
  • Jharkhand Land Reform Register 2
  • Jharkhand land records etc.
Bhulekh Jharkhand, Land Record Jharkhand How to get Jharkhand land information online:

Friends, now let us get the information of Bhulekh Jharkhand (Land Record Jharkhand) land records Jharkhand state from the website of Revenue Essay and Land Reforms Department of Jharkhand Government.  Here you have been given complete information about it Step by Step.

Step 1 – First of all you have to go to Jharbhoomi Jharkhand official website of Jharkhand Government’s Revenue Essay and Land Reforms Department for Bhuabhilekh Jharkhand.

Step 2 – Once the official website is opened, you will see many options on the home page to know about Land Record Jharkhand.  To know Jharkhand Bhulekh, you have to select the option of “view your account”.

Step 3 – As soon as you select the option “view your account”.  Then the map of the Jharkhand state will appear in front of you.  The names of all the districts of Jharkhand are visible in this map.  The district for which you want to check the land records.  Select the name of that district and click on it.

Step 4 – Now the district you have selected.  The map of that district opens in front of you.  In which the name of all the blocks of that district is visible.  The area whose land records you want to see the information.  Select that zone and click on it.

Step 5 – Now the page which has been opened in front of you.  Here some information is asked from you.  In which you are asked to select your district, zone, light number, type of land, and the name of your cousin from the list of Mijas.

Step 6 – Now you see four different options to check the land document of Bhulekh Jharkhand.

  • View all Mouja accounts by name
  • View all accounts of Mauja according to Khera’s number
  • View by account number
  • View by account holder’s name

You can choose any of these four options at your convenience.  After selecting your options click on the “Search Account” button.  Which option have you selected?  Accordingly, the information gets opened in front of you.  Click on the link “view” in it.

Step 7 – The new page that has been opened in front of you.  Here all the information about the land document becomes open.  From here you can check the documents related to Land Record Jharkhand.

Step 8 – From here you can also take a printout of your copy of the document.  For this, the option of a Print Icon has been given on the top right side.  From where you can take the online printout of the document.

Bhulekh Jharkhand – (FAQs)

1. – Which is the official website of Bhulekh Jharkhand?
Ans. For checking Jharkhand Bhulekh, the name of the official website of Jharkhand Bhumi Sudhar Department is  Through this website, you can get information about Bhulekh.

2. – How to check Land Record Jharkhand online?
Ans. For the information of Bhulekh Jharkhand, first of all, you have to go to the official website of the Jharkhand Bhumi Sudhar Department.  Where some information is asked from you.  And after passing some steps, you get all the information of Land Record Jharkhand online.

3. – How to check register 2 of Bhuabilekh Jharkhand online?
Ans. You can check the land records of Jharkhand (Bhuabhilekh Jharkhand) by going to the official website of the Jharkhand Bhumi Sudhar Department and selecting the Register-2 option.

4. – How to remove Bhunaksha Jharkhand online?
Ans. After visiting the official website of Revenue Registration and Land Reforms Department, you are asked for some information after going through some steps.  After giving information, you can get Bhunaksha Jharkhand online.

5. – What to do if the land map of Jharkhand is not available online?
Ans. If the land map of your name or khasta number is not found online.  So it can happen.  That your document hasn’t been updated online yet.  For this, you have to contact your zonal (block) tehsil office.

Here you can find Bhulekh Jharkhand, Bhunaksha Jharkhand, land records of Jharkhand online. You have been given complete information about it step by step in this post.

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