E Labharthi Bihar payment Status 2022 | online Registration and Benefits

E Labharthi Bihar 2022 This portal has been started by the State Government of Bihar for the pension scheme of the state. This portal has been made for the pension scheme beneficiaries of the state. On the E Labharthi pension portal, the beneficiary citizens of the state can see the status of payment of all pension schemes running in the state online through this portal. Beneficiaries can see the payment status of other schemes like Old Age Pension Scheme, Widow Pension Scheme, Disabled Pension Scheme, etc.

The Bihar state government starts some other types of schemes for the citizens of the state. e Labharthi This portal has been specially made for the pension scheme. Old age pension beneficiaries, widow pension beneficiaries, disabled pension beneficiary, can check their pension payment status online through the e-beneficiary pension Bihar portal. In this article, how will we see your E Labharthi Bihar pension status?

In today’s article, we are going to provide you with information related to the E Labharthi Bihar pension payment portal. Like how to see E Labharthi payment status online? Complete information about E Labharthi login, e Labharthi beneficiary status, etc. is available further in this article.

What is E Labharthi Bihar?

E Labharthi is a portal created by the state government of Bihar. The pension beneficiaries of the state can get the benefit of this portal. For example, through this portal, the citizens of the state can see the status of payment of their pension online sitting at home. E Labharthi Bihar The main purpose of this portal is that the pension beneficiary of the state can see the status of their pension payment (Pension payment status online Bihar) sitting at home. This will also save the time of the citizens and there will be no need to go to any bank or government office.

What is E Labharthi Bihar and how to use it?

Complete information related to this in Hindi is provided in this article. If any problem arises, the government has also issued helpline numbers to solve the problem. E Labharthi Bihar portal has been created by NIC. User manual for citizens is also available on this portal.

Centrally government and state government-run all the schemes for old age, disabled, widow of the country. Under this scheme, funds are provided to the beneficiaries every month. SSPMIS Vriddha Bihar Pension Scheme has also been started for the old citizens of the state. The status of payment of pension scheme of all these states can be done through E Labharthi Bihar portal.

E Labharthi Bihar Portal Highlights :

  • Article (E Labharthi Bihar Payment Status)
  • Portal (e Beneficiary)
  • Portal Launched (By Bihar State Government)
  • Beneficiary (Pension holder of Bihar State)
  • Application Process (Online)
  • Purpose (Pension to the people of the economically weaker section)
  • Providing (financial assistance in the form of)
    Benefits (Portal Available for Pension Services)
  • Category (Bihar Government Schemes)
  • Official website (elabharthi.bih.nic.in)

The main purpose of the E Labharthi Bihar portal :

Many facilities related to pensions are available for the beneficiary citizens of the state on the E Labharthi online portal. The main objective of the Bihar State Government is to provide complete information related to pension online to the citizens of the state and to provide all the work like payment status online. So that citizens do not need to go to the bank or government office and time will also be saved. With the help of the beneficiary Bihar portal, other works like the Bihar pension payment report, monthly pension payment status, beneficiary status can be done from the same portal.

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Benefits / Advantages of E Labharthi Bihar Portal :

  • Information about how the beneficiary citizens of the state can get the benefits of 1 E Labharthi Bihar online portal is available in Hindi below.
  • Through the 2 E Labharthi Bihar portal, pension holder citizens of the state can see their payment status sitting at home through mobile or laptop.
  • Many facilities related to pensions are available on this portal.
    Pension payment beneficiary status can also be seen through this portal.
  • Due to the availability of the E Labharthi mobile app, it is easy for citizens to see the payment status.
    Mobile numbers and Aadhar numbers can also be done from the e-beneficiary portal.
  • Due to this portal being online, citizens’ time is also saved and there is no need to go anywhere, all work can be done sitting at home.
  • The state government has also provided helpline numbers to solve any problem.

E Labharthi Bihar payment status :

The pension scheme in India was started by Indira Gandhi in 1995. Under this scheme, financial funds are provided to the disabled, widows, old citizens of the country by Indira Gandhi Pension Scheme for financial help to the poor people in different states. Through the E Labharthi online portal, the beneficiaries of the state can check the Bihar pension scheme payment status online. About 3.5 crore people are getting the benefit of the old-age pension scheme in the country.

Facilities available on E-labharthi bih nic portal:

The list of all the facilities available on the e Labharti Bihar online portal is available in Hindi below.

  • PFMS Beneficiary Report
  • Admission Status Scheme Wise
  • digital sign report
  • check beneficiary or not
  • Beneficiary List District, Block, Panchayat Wise
  • verified Aadhar report
  • Aadhar Jeevan Pramaan Authenticated, Unauthorized Beneficiary List
  • Jeevan Pramaan List (Finger ARIS)
  • pending life certificate list

Pension scheme list available on E Labharthi Bihar portal:

Information related to how many types of pension schemes are available on the E Labharthi Bihar portal is available below.

  • Bihar State Disability Pension
  • Indira Gandhi Disability Pension
  • Chief Minister Old Age Pension
  • Laxmi Bai Social Security Pension
  • Bihar State Disability Pension
  • Indira Gandhi Widow Pension
How to check E Labharthi Bihar beneficiary payment status online?

How to see e Labharthi status? Information related to this is available below. Read all the points carefully to know.

Steps 1. First of all the applicant has to go to the website elabharthi.bih.nic.in.

Steps 2. On the home page of the portal, first 1. e-Labharthi Link 1 (For Block, District, Department Login) click on this link.

Steps 3. e Labharthi website home page will open where you have to click on the “Payment Report” option after that select the “Check beneficiary status” option below.

Steps 4. Now a new page will open where you have to enter some information to check the payment status of the beneficiary.

Steps 5. First of all, select the district, then select the block and enter its number by selecting any one option from Beneficiary ID, Account no, Aadhar no.

How to do E Labharthi Bihar KYC? What is E Labharthi KYC?

The old, widow, disabled pension beneficiaries of Bihar state must do online KYC. All these beneficiaries have to enter the life certificate online on the website of the beneficiary Bihar to get the pension every month. It is necessary to enter this certificate for information related to whether the pension holder citizen is alive or dead. It is mandatory to do e Labharthi KYC to register the life certificate of the pension beneficiary citizens of the state.

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All citizens don’t need to do e Labharti KYC. It will be mandatory for the beneficiary whose name is available on the list to do KYC. This list can be seen through the e-beneficiary online portal. You can see this list from the CSC operator.

E Labharthi Bihar Helpline Number :

For the solution of any problem related to this portal, you can contact the number and email given below. You can contact us from 9 am to 5 pm. You have to visit the official website for BDO contact details. Available on the BDO contact portal of all the districts.

Helpline Number – 1800 345 6262

Email – [email protected]

E Labharthi Bihar – (FAQs)

1)- What is E Labharthi Bihar?
e Labharthi is a portal started by the government of Bihar state. With the help of this portal, the pension scheme beneficiaries of the state can see the status of payment of their pension. And you can get complete information related to pension.

2)- Can the payment status be checked on the E Beneficiary Pension Portal?
Yes, the payment status of pension can be seen through the e-beneficiary Bihar online portal.

3)- By whom was the E Labharthiabharthi Bihar online portal launched?
This portal was started by the Bihar State Government.

4)- Can I check e Labharthi Bihar beneficiary status?
Yes, Bihar’s pension beneficiary status can be checked through the E Labharthi portal.

5)- Is e Labharthi mobile app available?
Yes, you will also find E Labharthi mobile app on the official website Ajay.

6)- What is the Bihar E Labharthi website link?

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