How to Apply ipo in Zerodha?

How to Apply ipo in Zerodha– Zerodha is a leading discount broker in India. The firm provides online trading and investment opportunities and is successfully making a name for itself in the discount brokerage industry of India. Do many customers want to know how to apply for IPO in Zerodha?

So let us understand in detail the process of applying for IPO in Zerodha in this article today. Zerodha provides its customers an easy way to apply for an IPO online with the help of the Zerodha console, by logging into the Zerodha kite.

The online IPO application was launched by Zerodha on 6th August 2019, Since then, Zerodha has become the largest broker company for IPO applications. UPI can also be used to apply for an IPO. Just understand how to apply for IPO through UPI?

How to Apply ipo in Zerodha?

You can apply for IPO through Zerodha only if you have an account with the firm. After that, all you have to do is log in to the Zerodha console and use your UPI (Unified Payment Interface) for the application.

In this way, the Zerodha UPI IPO application allows the former customer of the firm to apply for the IPO through the online mode as well.

How to Apply ipo in Zerodha involves 3 big process:

  • First of all, create your UPI ID on any BHIM UPI app.
  • After that apply through Zerodha console using UPI ID.
  • After that proceed by giving your approval to the mandatory notification on the BHIM UPI app (using the UPI PIN).

Zerodha IPO Console:

You should keep in mind that Zerodha’s IPO application can only be completed through a back office of the firm, such as Zerodha Console.

Apart from this, you should also have a UPI app which is version 2.0. A version lower than this will not work for this. To check the list of apps for UPI version 2.0, click here.

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Install any one of these supported UPI apps and follow the steps given below to apply for IPO by Zerodha:

  • Firstly, log in to Zerodha, to allow you access to the console and then click on “IPO” from the “Portfolio” menu.
  • After this choose the IPO of your choice.
  • After doing this, you will be able to see all its information like – open date, close date, lot size, issue size, etc.
  • After this, enter your UPI ID in it and then click on “Verify”. The UPI ID provided by you must be linked to your bank account otherwise the IPO application may get rejected.
  • After verification of your UPI ID, enter your bid and select your investor type. Keep in mind that its quantity should be several times more than your lot size.
  • To apply at the cut-off price, tick the checkbox next to “Cut off-price”.
  • To bid at a price of your choice, enter the price of your choice in the “Price” box.
  • After filling in all these details, click on “Confirm” and then click on “Submit”.
  • After doing this, you will see a payment request on the UPI app provided by you.
  • Accept that request and your process is complete. (Sometimes it may take some time to get the request)

After the bid is finished, you will receive an SMS confirmation message from the Exchange. Apart from this, you can also check the application status of your IPO.

Once the mandate is accepted, the prescribed funds will be withheld from your bank account. Those will be held till the date of allotment, which is 2 days before the date of listing.

After you have received the allotment, the same amount will be deducted from your account. Which, will be deposited in your Demat account in the form of shares.

How to apply for IPO through Zerodha kite?

Unfortunately, you cannot apply for IPO through Zerodha kite. But, if the clients wish, they can apply for the same from the online banking portal of their bank.

Apart from this, you must have a Demat account, if you want to open a Demat account in Zerodha, then you can fill out the form given below.

And if, due to any reason you are not able to receive the IPO allotment, then those withheld funds will be sent back to your bank account till the date of allotment.

To apply for IPO in Zerodha, click here now.

Just keep in mind that whenever you apply for an IPO through your bank, you will have to fill in the information related to your Zerodha Demat account.

Also, if you want to get information related to opening an account in Zerodha, then you can get all kinds of information by reading the article Zerodha Mein Account Kaise Khole.

How to apply for IPO in Zerodha without UPI?
The firm offers only IPO applications based on Zerodha UPI. If you do not have UPI, then you can easily create it by following a few steps.

Apart from this, you can also apply for IPO through “Net Banking”. Such provision is available for SBI, Kotak, HDFC, Axis Bank, and ICICI Banks.

Allotment Status of IPO in Zerodha:

Unfortunately, the allotment status of IPO cannot be checked on Zerodha. However, you can check the status of your Zerodha IPO application on the website of the IPO registrar. To do this, you will need your PAN number.

An alert message will be sent to you by CDSL after the shares (allotted through IPO) are sent to your Demat account.

Keep in mind that your allotment status will be published only after your allotment is done.

Charges of IPO on Zerodha:

Good news! IPO applications are available on Zerodha for free. Since the firm offers equity delivery at zero brokerage charges, they do not charge any commission for selling the shares allotted for IPO through their platform.

However, if you sell your shares through Zerodha, you will have to pay certain government taxes and transaction fees.

IPO cut off price on Zerodha:

The cut-off price of an IPO is determined by the issuing company. Along with this, this price is also based on the demand for the shares.

You can also choose to apply for the IPO at the cut-off price. If you choose this, you will not have to set a bidding price.

First select “Cut-off” and your shares will be allotted at the cut-off price. As mentioned earlier, the option to choose the cut-off price is available in Zerodha IPO.

IPO by Zerodha – Conclusion:

Zerodha provides the facility to submit an online application for IPO with the help of the UPI payment gateway. The only legal way to do this is by console.

The firm is continuously developing new innovative investment ideas and trading facilities for the users. We hope that this article on how to apply for IPO in Zerodha has clarified many things for you. Happy Trading!


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