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Chemistry Formulas is an important topic for every exam.  Due to which questions are often asked in competitive exams.  Keeping in mind the upcoming examinations, we have made a list of some important Chemistry, if you are going to participate in competitive examinations, then definitely read it.  Today’s blog will be very beneficial for you, so let’s start.

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It is only because of chemistry that humans can identify the activities taking place in the body.  Chemistry is a branch of science.  In which we read about element, atom, molecule, chemical formula etc.  Chemistry is the basic of our science.

Chemical Symbols:

We use many chemical substances in our life time. When we study the science of chemistry, we read the names of different elements, instead of writing the names of these elements, their symbol is used like we have to write oxygen, then we write, similarly we represent silver in this way.  It was developed by the German scientist Berzelius.

Chemical Acid Formulas

  • Acid Name Chemical Formulas
  • Acetic acid Acetic acid CH₃COOH
  • Sulfuric acid Sulfuric acid H₂SO₄
  • Oxalic acid Oxalic acid C₂H₂O₄
  • Hydrochloric acid Hydrochloric acid HCl
  • Tartaric acid Tartaric acid C₄H₆O₆
  • Lactic acid Lactic acid C₃H₆O₃
  • Nitric acid Nitric acid HNO₃
  • Formic acid Formic acid CHO₂
  • Phosphoric acid Phosphoric acid H₃O₄P
  • Uric acid Uric acid C5H₄N₄O₃
  • Carbonic acid Carbonic acid H₂CO₃
  • Nitrous acid Nitric acid HNO₂
  • Phosphorus acid Phosphorus acid H₃PO₃
  • Acetate acid acetate acid C₂H₃O₂
  • Hydrobromic acid Hydrobromic acid HBr
  • Citric acid Citric acid C6H8O7
  • Chromic acid Chromic acid H₂CrOI₄
  • Bromic Acid Bromic Acid HBRO₃

Chemical Gases Formulas

  • Chemical Compounds Chemical Names Chemical Formulas
  • Gypsum sodium chloride CaSO₄ ₂H₂O
  • Washing soda sodium carbonate Na₂CO₃B
  • BleachingPowder Calcium Hypo Chloride Ca(ClO)₂
  • Honey borax Na₂(B₄O₅(OH)₄) 8H₂O
  • Quicklime calcium hydroxide CaCO
  • Sulfuric Acid H₂SO₄
  • White Potash Potassium Chlorate KClO₃
  • Blue Triangle Copper Sulphate CuSOI4
  • Hypo sodium thio sulfate Na₂S₂O₃
  • Heavy water deuterium oxide D₂O
  • Dry ice carbon dioxide CO₂
  • Salt Cake Sodium Sulfate Na₂SOI4
  • Tear gas chloropicrin or chloro acetophenone H₃PO₃
  • marsh gas methane CH4
  • Laughing gas nitrous oxide N₂O
  • Galena Lead Sulfide Pbs
  • Chile Saltpeter Sodium Nitrate NaNO₃

Chemistry Formulas

  • Silica Silicon Dioxide SiO2
  • Carborundum Silicon Carbide SiC
  • Arsene Arsenic Hydride AsH3
  • Blue Cassis Copper Sulphate CuSO4.5H2O
  • Mixture of Lithopone Zinc Sulphide and Barium Sulphate ZnS+BaSO4
  • Producer gas A mixture of carbon monoxide and nitrogen gas CO+N2
  • Marsh gas methane CH4
  • Gemexin Benzene Hexachloride C6H6Cl6
  • phosgene carbonyl chloride COCl2
  • Vinegar acetic acid dilute solution CH3COOH
  • Carbolic acid phenol C6H5OH
  • Alcohol Ethyl Alcohol C2H5OH
  • Wood Spirit Methyl Alcohol CH3OH
  • Starch starch C6H10O5T
  • TNB Tri Nitro Benzene C6H3(NO2)3
  • Tnt  Tri Nitro Tolvene C6H3(NO2)3
  • Grapefruit Juice Glucose C6H12O6
  • 10% solution of formalin formaldehyde HCHO
  • Freon Dichlorodifluorocarbon CF2Cl2
  • Chloroform tri chloro methane CHCl3
  • Lodoform Triiodo Methane CHI3
  • Pyrene Carbon Tetra Chloride CCI4

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Chemistry Formulas

  • The chemical formula of blue tea is?
  • The chemical formula of CuSO₄, Blue Through.
  • What is the chemical formula of red medicine,
  • The chemical KMnO₄ of red drug is
  • What is the commercial name of silica aluminum oxide?
  • The commercial name for silica aluminum oxide is slate.
  • Chemical formula of potassium nitrous?
  • The chemical formula of potassium nitrate is KNO₃.
  • Chemical formula of sodium carbonate
  • Na₂CO₃ is the chemical formula of sodium carbonate.
  • What is the increase in the ratio of oxygen in a chemical reaction called?
  • oxidation reaction

Which of the following reaction pairs always occur together?

  • neutralization and displacement
  • What type of acid is in curd?
  •  Yogurt contains lactic acid
  • Which metal floats when put in water?
  • When calcium metal is put in water, it floats.
  • What is the chemical formula of gypsum?
  • CaSO₄·₂H₂O is the chemical formula of gypsum.

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