MNREGA Odisha Job Card Lis 2022 | Job Card Benefit (Highlight)

MNREGA Odisha Job Card List: This scheme has been started by the government on 7th September 2005 for the development of rural areas. The scheme was initially named as National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

MNREGA Odisha Job Card Lis 2022But later on October 2, 2009, the scheme was renamed again. Its official name is now Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee. In this scheme, the government has set a target of employing the people in rural areas. Under this scheme, you are given employment to people in your area. Under the Mahatma Gandhi MNREGA scheme, adult members of rural households are given 100 days of work in a year.

MNREGA Odisha Job Card List 2022

In Odisha, 36,10,797 active workers have been recruited under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment (MGNREGA) in 2021, who were left out of work due to the 21-day lockdown. Odisha government has decided to provide all kinds of financial assistance along with work to MNREGA workers. The Central Government has released MGNREGA fund for payment of dues of workers in Odisha along with other states.

MNREGA Odisha Job Card List 2022 (Highlight)

  • Article Name- (MNREGA Odisha Job Card Lis)
  •  State – (Odisha)
  •  Beneficiary- (middle class and unemployed people of the state)
  •  Benefits- (Unemployed youth will get employment)
  •  Objective- (Providing Employment)
  •  Official website- (

These people are getting benefits from the MNREGA Odisha Job Card

Under this scheme, the laborers who were working in other states due to the crisis caused by Corona, are now coming back to their states and they have lost their employment in the Corona crisis. Then the government has decided that all the migrant laborers will be given work in their area under the Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Scheme. So that they can live their lives as before and can run their household expenses.

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Given this Corona crisis, the Finance Minister of the country, Sitharaman Ji has also increased the wages given under the MNREGA scheme. Due to which people will get more benefits. Under the scheme, employment is given in their village. Under the scheme, many works are given for the construction of cowsheds, plantation works, housing construction, rural roads, irrigation works, completion of incomplete projects, etc.

Benefits of MNREGA Odisha Job Card List 2022

  • The citizens of Odisha will get the following benefits through Odisha Nrega Yojana.
  • Citizens of Odisha can apply for Nrega Job Card Online by visiting the official website of MNREGA.
  • Citizens of the state can check their name in the Odisha Job Card List 2022 by visiting the official website of NREGA.
  • Citizens of the state can contact the helpline number for any information related to the NREGA scheme.
  • Now citizens will not have to make rounds of any departmental office related to the Assam NREGA scheme.
  • They can easily take advantage of MNREGA Odisha through online mediums sitting at home.

MNREGA Odisha Job Card list

Out of name or job card number, you have to click on the job card number. A new page will open in front of you when you click on it. In which you have your complete information like job card number, in whose name you have applied, category of the person applying, full address of the job cardholder, when you have got the registration done and your panchayat, village, and tehsil, district. You can see the information in the Mgnrega Works List.

Complete information about your family will also be given on the MNREGA Odisha Job Card. On one side there will be the name of all the family members and on the other side, you will see your bank details which you entered while applying. On this page, information about the number of days you have worked in a year, etc. will also have been made available. You will also see the name of the family member who works under the job card.

How to check your name in MNREGA Odisha Job Card list 2022

To know the list or name of the laborers included in the Odisha NREGA list, follow the process given below.

The list of citizens of the village who have applied to get the MNREGA Odisha Job Card has been released by the government, which you can easily see by following the steps given by us. Following is the process to easily view your MNREGA Odisha Job Card List sitting at home.

  • Step 1. First of all, you have to go to its official website.
  • Step 2. Now you have to click on the NREGA JOB CARD LIST on it.
  • Step 3. After clicking on it, a list of the names of all the states will open in front of you.
  • Step 4. After this, you have to select the ASSAM state.
    Step 5. After selecting the state, a new page like this will open in front of you.
    Step 6. Now you have to enter some information into it.
    Step 7. First of all, select the year in which you want to see the list.
  • Step 8. After that select your district.
  • Step 9. After filling the district, you have to fill your block and select your panchayat.
  • Step 10. After you’ve completed all of the fields, click the Proceed button.
  • Step 11. After clicking on the button, your Panchayat Job Card list will open in front of you.
  • Step 12. In this way, you can see the Odisha job card list and the name of the person applying.

Similarly, people of different states can see the NREGA Odisha job card of their state, if you are a resident of Odisha then you can get your job card by visiting the website of Negra Rajasthan.

Based on your search value, the result or list will be displayed on the screen where you can see your name along with the job card number.

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By clicking on the job card number, the information of the concerned cardholder will be displayed on the screen, which can be printed and kept safe. This job card can be downloaded online and it can be used to get employment opportunities.

MNREGA Odisha Job Card (FAQs):-

1. What is a job card?
Ans. A job card is an important document that records the rights of workers under MGNREGA.  It allows legally registered families to seek for jobs, guarantees openness, and safeguards employees against fraud.

2. What is the official website of MNREGA Odisha Job Card?
Ans. Official Website of MNREGA Odisha Job Card List:

3. What is meant by Odisha Job Card?
Ans. Only the citizens of Assam who will have a Mgnrega Job Card will be given 100 days of employment in 1 year under the MNREGA scheme.

3. hat is the validity of the Odisha job card?
Ans. The validity of the Negra Job Card is for 5 years, after which you can get the job card made again by following the conditions of NREGA.

4. Who can apply for Job Card Registration?
Ans. Families with adult members who want to get unskilled employment in MNREGA can apply for registration.

5. What is the frequency of job card registration?
Ans. year-round

6. Who should apply for the job card on behalf of the family?
Ans. Any adult member can apply on behalf of the family.

7. Can all adult household members register for a job card?
Ans. Adult members of the family willing to do unskilled manual labor can register themselves to get job cards under MGNREGA.

8. What are the issues that the Gram Panchayat needs to verify while applying for the job card?
Ans. The Gram Panchayat must confirm that the family is a unit as described in the application, that the applicant family is a resident of the relevant Gram Panchayat, and that the applicant family is a resident of the concerned Gram Panchayat. applicant is an adult member of the household.  The process of verification will be completed within a fortnight from the receipt of the application.

9. What is the deadline for the issue of the Job Card (JC) if the application made is correct?
Ans. After ascertaining the eligibility of a family within a fortnight after verification is completed, job cards should be issued to all such eligible families.

10. Is there any time limit for redressal of complaints regarding the non-issuance of job cards?
Ans. Yes, all such complaints will be disposed of within 15 days.

11. Is there any provision to provide duplicate job cards for lost job cards?
Ans. Yes, the job cardholder can apply for a duplicate job card, if the original job card is lost or damaged.  The application will be given to the Gram Panchayat and processed as a fresh application, the difference being that the details can also be verified using a duplicate copy of the JC maintained by the Panchayat.

12. Who is the custodian of the job card?
Ans. It should be ensured that Jesse is always in the custody of the family to whom it is issued.  If for any reason, i.e. updating of records, it is taken up by the implementing agencies, it should be returned on the same day after the update.  Any JC discovered in the hands of a Panchayat or MNREGA officer without a justifiable justification would be prosecuted under section 25 of the Act.

13. Can an adult member of the family get wage employment?
Ans. Every adult member of the registered family, whose name appears on the job card, will be entitled to apply for unskilled manual labor.

14. Can the job card be canceled?
Ans. No, no job card can be canceled as per Para 4, Schedule II, except where it is found to be duplicate, or if the entire family has permanently moved to a place outside the Gram Panchayat and is no longer in the village.  does not live in

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