NCC Full From? What is NCC

Friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you what is NCC, NCC Full From, how to join NCC, benefits of NCC, what is the goal of NCC

What is NCC? Friends, in today’s time, you get to see the spirit of service to the country in every small child.

The government has also started arrangements from the school itself to make a child’s dream come true to join the service of the country. This dream student can join NCC inside his school life or college life itself.

NCC Full Form

NCC cadets give their service from time to time when needed in the country. So friends, in today’s article we will tell you what is NCC? What is the full form of NCC? We know about this in detail.

In today’s time, due to the lockdown in India, the government had sought the cooperation of NCC cadets to work together with the police. After which NCC cadets have performed their duty well shoulder to shoulder with the police.

Now we must know about it, how by going inside the NCC, a student develops the urge to serve in the country when needed.

What is NCC?

What is NCC or do we need to know in detail about it. NCC is a cadet corps through which military training is imparted to school college students so that they can serve the country when needed.

NCC was established in 1948 after its independence within India. The company’s headquarters are in Delhi, India’s capital. NCC is a military training that gives initial training to the youth to join the country’s army and the student doing NCC is also given some relaxation while joining the army. Because the students of NCC have already taken some army training.

The NCC was first established within Germany to recruit youth into the military during times of war. After which most of the countries of the world also started giving this training so that discipline, patriotism, and enthusiasm can be infused among the youth.

What is the NCC Full From?

The full form of NCC is National Cadet Corps while National Cadet Corps is NCC Full Form in English. In NCC, N means National, C means Cadet and last C means Corps which we call National Cadet Corps.

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These three words seem very small to us, but let us tell you that these 3 small words have great importance in the country. Today there are more than 15 lakh trained NCC members in India, who can help the country whenever it needs.

How to Join NCC?

On hearing the name of NCC, one thing comes to the mind of many students how can join NCC? Today we will tell you in detail how you can join NCC.

Every year many students from schools and colleges are given training by NCC. Within NCC, you can take admission one at the school level within 11th and 12th at the other college level.

To join NCC, you have to fill out a form inside your school when you are in your 11th or first year in college, after which you have to give a paper. If you pass that paper then after your physical examination you are joined inside NCC.

After joining NCC, you are given some military training along with your studies, which gives you an army officer. You have to complete this training, when you complete this training, then you are given a certificate by getting a paper done by NCC.

These certificates are of three types, in which NCC cadets get A grade, B grade, or C grade certificate.

Advantages of NCC:

If you have joined NCC and you want to join the army, then there are many benefits of NCC for you. But apart from this, you also get many benefits from NCC. So let us know in detail about some of the benefits of NCC.

  1. The first advantage is that you are given military training by a trained army officer inside the NCC so that you become like a soldier.
  2. If needed, you can get a chance to serve the country, in today’s time in lockdown, many students who had done NCC were asked by the government to cooperate with the police.
  3. If you want to go inside the army and you have done NCC, then you get some marks inside the army, which makes it easier for you to join the army.
  4. Discipline, the spirit of patriotism inculcates in the students doing NCC and the quality of living together also comes.
  5. If you have passed a C grade inside NCC, then you are given a lot of initiative in any government job.
  6. Your NCC certificate is very useful while taking admission in a big college, you can get some concession in fees based on your certificate in any big college.

Apart from this, you will also see many benefits in the life of joining NCC. If you have done these benefits of NCC, then you get experience in your life, the quality of leadership also comes from NCC in you.

Eligibility Criteria for NCC Recruitment:

To be admitted to NCC, the candidate must have certain qualifications, only after which the candidate is admitted to the NCC. Today we know about NCC Eligibility.

  1. To be admitted under NCC, the first qualification candidate must be Indian.
  2. Only those students can participate in NCC, who have admission in any school or college, you study in any institution, or are doing their degree.
  3. It is most important for the NCC cadet to be healthy because the physical examination of the student joining the NCC is done.

NCC Rules:

We all know that inside the army you have to follow the rules very strictly, here discipline is given the biggest importance, in the same way, inside the NCC you have to follow the same rules as the army, so let’s know. What are the rules of NCC?

  • You will have to be punctual after joining NCC because time is given the most important here.
  • After this you have to be in discipline inside the NCC, here you have to obey every single thing of your senior.
  • There is also a rule inside NCC that no cadet will tell lies at all. If somebody is proved to be lying, he will be severely punished.

In this way, many such rules have been made inside the NCC, which every student of NCC follows so that he can get out by becoming such a good NCC cadet.

Rank in NCC:

If you do good work while being an NCC cadet, complete all the tasks given to the NCC cadet along with discipline, then / you are also given some rank by NCC. This rank is given to you in your NCC team.

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How is NCC training done?

You all know that NCC is a unit of the National Cadet Corps, inside the Cadet Corps comes all the three armies of the country, which have the Navy and the Air Force. Within NCC also training related to Air, Water and Army are given.

  • In this, you are given physical training, in which you are given PT action or many other tasks are also involved.
  • Parade is prepared on Republic Day in which NCC cadets participate, this is also a type of training. Apart from this, camp training is also given to the cadets, in which training is given by organizing camps.
What is the goal of NCC?

There is also a purpose of organizing NCC by the government, which inculcates the qualities of morality, leadership, and discipline among the students. The student of NCC is prepared in such a way that he can go ahead and serve the country and if needed he can also serve in the army.

Conclusion –

In today’s article, we have told you in detail about what is NCC and what is the full form of NCC. If you want any kind of information related to NCC or want to join NCC, then this article is going to be very useful for you. If you want any other information related to NCC, then you can ask us in the comment.

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