SSB Full Form | What is SSB? Qualification, Process, Course Details

In today’s article, we will tell you about the SSB Full Form and will also give you other information about SSB. If you are hearing this name for the first time, then you need to read this article completely so that you can get maximum information about it.

SSB Full Form | What is SSB?

SSB is the test center where candidates appear and qualify for various tests conducted for 4-5 days. Screening is passed by candidates posted within the Indian Armed Forces like Indian Army, Indian Navy, or Indian Air Force. So let us first tell you the SSB Full Form.

What is SSB Full Form?

As we have told you above that SSB is a test center. But it is not necessary to have only this much information about SSB, for this, you need to know its full form first. Many of you might even know its full form. But for those who do not know the SSB Full From, we are telling its full form below. So let us now tell you the full form below. After knowing the SSB Full From, share it with other people.

We are going to tell you the SSB Full From in both English and Hindi languages. Because it is necessary to know both these languages. So let us now tell you its full form below.

SSB Full Form In English

SSB – Service Selection Boar

SSB Full Form in Hindi

SSB – सेवा चयन बोर्ड

What is SSB?

SSB stands for Service Selection Board. It is established by the Ministry of Defense of India to conduct interviews for the recruitment of officers in the Indian Armed Forces. It is designed to test the “officer-like qualities” in the candidates. The key traits of the candidates assessed in the SSB interview are personality, intelligence, compatibility, and ability.

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The interview gives more emphasis on mental fitness than physical fitness but a certain level of physical fitness is required to clear the interview. So, if you want to become an officer in Army, Navy, or Air Force, you have to appear for an SSB interview after clearing the written test.

These centers take 5-6 days to analyze the candidates and finally give their decision on the selection of a candidate. As I told you earlier that during this post the tests are ready to check the mental ability of the candidates. The tests are conducted in 2 components i.e. Stage 1 and Stage 2. The tests help the selection officer to decide whether a candidate has the qualities to become an officer or not.

What is the eligibility of SSB?

The first and foremost requirement is marital status. Unmarried graduates who successfully clear the Combined Defense Services Exam conducted by UPSC get selected for SSB Interview. The eligibility criteria are slightly different for male and female candidates.

1. For men

The candidate must be born on 2nd January 1991 or after 1st January 1996.

2. For women

The female candidate must have been born after 1990 and before January 1996. And she must be unmarried or a poor widow.

3. Eyes

Minimum far vision should be 6/6 & 6/9 with two eyes without any correction i.e. without wearing glasses.

4. Height

The minimum height for candidates belonging to the states of Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, and Leh is 65 cm for males and 155 cm for females in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. The minimum height for all ST candidates is 162.5 cm for males and 150 for females.

5. Chest

The minimum chest of male candidates falls within the categories of candidates from the states of Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam, Himachal Pradesh, Kashmir, and Leh and Ladakh regions of Jammu and Kashmir is 78 cms. The minimum chest for all male candidates belonging to Scheduled Tribes is 76 cm.

Eligibility for SSB

  1. Naval Academy – Bachelor’s degree in Engineering is required for the Academy.
  2. Air Force Academy – Degree in B.Sc with Physics and Mathematics, B.E. and B.Tech.
  3. Indian Academy and Officers Training Academy – Degree or equivalent from a recognized University.
  4. Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview Eligibility – After medical examination and training, candidates are seated as commissioned officers.

Duration and Process of SSB

A five-day personality and cognitive exam is part of the SSB interview. It consists of various tests which are conducted on different days. You must appear for the medical examination after passing this interview. The following is the test schedule.

Day 1: Basic Intelligence Test / Screening Test

Day 2: Psychology Test

Day 3 & 4: Group Testing Officer (GTO) Tasks

Day 5: Conference


In today’s article, we have given you information about SSB Full Form. We hope that you liked today’s article a lot.

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