What is Inorganic Chemistry?

What is Inorganic Chemistry? Definition of inorganic chemistry is the study of the formation, synthesis, and properties of compounds that do not contain carbon-hydrogen bonds. We hear about organic mostly […]

Who is the Father of Botany

In botany, the study of different parts of plants such as structure, growth and development, reproduction, diseases, chemical properties, and evolutionary relationships is called botany. The classification of the plant […]

What is Science Ingenieur?

Science Ingenieur is a discipline that includes the principles and related mathematics of many scientists. To address the most difficult challenges and promote global society’s well-being, it combines engineering, biological, […]

Ice Melting Chemical or Physical Change

Ice Melting Chemical or Physical Change? (A) physical change  (B) chemical change  (C) physical changes  (D) none of these Topic: Chemistry Question Answer Answer: physical change Explanation: When ice melts, it undergoes a physical […]

What Climate Change Effects

What Climate Change Effects : Global warming: The burning of fossil fuels and over-exploitation of natural resources have led to a serious problem of climate change. If climate change is […]