Beast movie review: Even Vijay couldn't save the Beast from shoddy writing

Beast Review: In his earlier films, Kolamavu Nightingale and Doctor, director Nelson pulled humor out of situations that might have turned out to be funny on paper.

Beast Synopsis: A former RAW officer who is among the hostages in a mall taken over by terrorists,

He must thwart his plans and stop the government from releasing a dreaded terrorist whom he helped jail at great personal cost.

Even in Beast, he takes a background that's grim — a hostage situation — and tries to make it fun.  But this time he is far away from success.

In fact, the film barely gives laughs in the places where it should have been funny and we get laughs whenever it tries to be a massive hero film.

The film starts off promisingly.  We get a prologue involving Veera Raghavan (Vijay), a senior RAW officer who becomes psychologically injured after a mission to nab a most-wanted terror mastermind.

He leaves the organization and is trying to get rid of his demons, but then, the mall where he is with his girlfriend Preeti (Pooja Hegde) is taken over by terrorists.

Sarkar's interlocutor Altaf Hussain (a Selvaraghavan) persuades Veera to launch a rescue operation, but can he succeed?

The problem with Beast is that it has a hero who is too strong to have been given a mission that never seems like a challenge.