Jitesh Sharma

Jitesh Sharma News: Jitesh Sharma compares himself to a mountain trekker who is making a big difference in IPL with the bat

MUMBAI: Punjab Kings wicket-keeper batsman Jitesh Sharma has performed brilliantly in IPL 2022 (IPL) so far.  His cricketer's journey has been quite a struggle. 

Jitesh told the website of Punjab Kings, 'My journey has been like a mountain trekking person.  When I played my first match,

I was sitting in the dressing room and reminiscing about my past.  Where I come from, my struggles, the sacrifices I have made and all the people who have supported me, I do not want to disappoint anyone, even myself.

It has been a dream for a youngster to play alongside the greats he had seen growing up on television, but Sharma said he did his best on the field despite being nervous. 

Sharma said that his father has been his biggest inspiration.  He further said, 'My father used to play a lot of cricket and also take part in tennis tournaments and I used to participate in many prize distribution with him. 

Whenever he used to watch cricket, he was happy and excited.  That's when I realized that if he sees me playing cricket, he will be just as excited.  My journey started from there and that's when I felt that I can start playing cricket.