KGF Chapter 2 

Friends, as you know, the story was shown in the KGF chapter earlier, it was shown that Rocky Bhai killed Garuda in the end and there was a whole fight over the gold mine, 

which in the end got Rocky Bhai by killing Garuda.  wanted and wanted to rule this world this whole story runs on KGF gold mine in which main

character Rocky Bhai plays and villain's character is Garuda who is the owner of KGF gold mine now in chapter two further story  know

riends, as soon as Rocky Bhai kills Garuda in KGF Chapter 2, 25000 laborers bonded there go with him. 

ecause he was a prisoner of Garuda for years, he used to force John to extract gold from the gold mine and that captive did not even let him out of the world,

Because of this he saw a messiah in Rocky Bhai and those 25000 brothers  Rocky Bhai supported Rocky Bhai, 

on the strength of him, Rocky Bhai has now become the king of KGF, now friends, all the leaders are eyeing the KGF gold mine, they all want to get the gold mine.

Now friends have shown the character of a man lady in power, which has been done by Twinkle Khanna and she wants to get this gold mine 

for which she uses force but Rocky Bhai beats everyone and friends further Sanjay Dutt if Dar Main  Sanjay Dutt is also shown in this film as Villain who fights with Rocky Bhai to get the gold mine i.e. KGF.