What Caused Climate Change | Climate Change how to Prevent

What is the Climate :

Caused Climate Change : The study of long term weather, long time data,humidity , temperature, clouds, wind activity, atmospheric pressure. of any place which plays an important role in determining the living conditions, food habits, agricultural economy etc. of a particular nation. is called Weather is variable and climate is stable. Melting of glaciers, excessive rainfall, drought, tsunami, etc. are the result of climate change.

Climate change is the visible, long-term consequence of changes in climate, regional and global effects. That is, it can be said that the long-term change in climate over a period of decades, centuries or more is called climate change. Climate change has become a big problem not only for one country but for the whole world.

There are Many Reasons for The Change in Climate Which are As Follows :

There is certainly no one cause in climate change, but there are two reasons for this, first due to natural which are created by nature and secondly due to man made which includes human activities. And due to natural causes, climate change has more impact on human life.

Natural Causes” Volcanoes, those cracks in the earth’s crust, inside which liquefied rocks, lava, ash, dust particles etc. come out are called volcanoes. Apart from this, various gases such as sulfur dioxide, sulfur trioxide, chlorine, carbon dioxide, hydrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and water vapor etc. are released from the volcano, which spread in the atmosphere and become the main cause of climate change. The volcano cools down after some time, but these gases maintain their effect on the climate for a long time.

Ocean Currents” The vast expanse of salt water on the surface of the earth is called ocean. About 70% of the earth is surrounded by water, which includes oceans, oceans and ponds, because a large part of the earth is surrounded by water and this is the reason that oceans and seas contribute a lot in the determination of climate. From time to time, the ocean releases its heat on the atmosphere and affects the atmosphere, this heat also affects the greenhouse effect on the atmosphere, so ocean currents become the main cause of change in climate.

Anthropogenic Causes” Greenhouse Effect, the most responsible of anthropogenic causes is the greenhouse effect. The fluctuation in carbon dioxide due to which increase in temperature is called greenhouse effect. In addition to carbon dioxide, there are many such gases such as methane, chlorofluorocarbons, carbon sulfur dioxide, etc., which affect the greenhouse effect. All these gases cause climate change by affecting the greenhouse effect in many ways.

Agriculture” Presently, more importance is being given to modern agriculture than traditional agriculture. Under modern agriculture, efforts are made to increase production by using more and more pesticides and chemicals. The use of these chemical fertilizers in agriculture produces different types of gases such as methane etc. These gases affect the greenhouse effect along with increase in temperature and this effect is the main reason for change in climate.

Use of fossil Fuels” Due to the excess of various gases like carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, many harmful gases from the exploitation of fossil fuels, it has become the cause of climate change. In this anthropogenic emissions, the problem of climate change has worsened because due to their effect, the greenhouse effect is big as well as air and water pollution is also big, the problem of acidification i.e. acid rain has also increased due to fossil fuels. Apart from this, about 30% of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere are due to the combustion of coal and oil, which affects climate change.

Urbanization and Industrialization”  Urbanization and industrialization are the most influential factors in climate change. By making the medium of urbanization and industrialization, human beings have exploited nature indiscriminately to fulfill their needs and human has destroyed nature in the name of development. Humans have given rise to problems like water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution etc. due to urbanization and industrialization. From developed countries to all the countries of the world are involved in various problems arising out of climate change. Therefore, urbanization and industrialization are the main causes of climate change.

Climate change How to Prevent
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Children, by now you have acquired a lot of information. You have also learned what is climate change, what are its causes and what are its effects on different aspects of human life. Now let us try to understand how to face climate change.

Big experts, scientists and experts from all over the world mention two important measures in this regard. One of the solutions is to curb the reasons due to which the global temperature is increasing. And the second solution is to learn to live with the damage that has been done so far and the change that has come. In this the first remedy is called Shaman. And the second method is called adaptation.

Mitigation” This is called Mitigation in English. This means that the reasons due to which greenhouse gases increase in the atmosphere should be reduced. Their emissions should be reduced so much that the world’s temperature stops rising. Most of the mitigation or mitigation measures are associated with reducing energy consumption. Along with this, equal emphasis is also given on more use of clean energy in these measures. Emphasis is placed on using new and more developed technologies and sources of energy such as hydrogen fuel cells, solar energy, nuclear energy, ocean tidal energy, geothermal energy, wind energy etc. These measures greatly reduce the risk of pollution in the atmosphere.

Customization” Adaptation in simple language means learning to live with the changes in the environment. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, adaptation means learning to adapt and live with changes in the earth’s physical, atmospheric, social and economic systems, so as to minimize the damage to our lives. , and we can make the most of those changes. So adaptation is a matter of adjusting to changes. It also solves the issue of sustainable development.

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