What is ANZN | When was ANZN founded?

ANZN has partnered with Australian scientists from CSIRO’s Center for Nutritional Genomics (CNG) to develop a revolutionary platform that can predict and monitor the nutritional needs of individual cannabis crops,

Thereby allowing growers to optimize their cropping environment. The system provides accurate data at every stage of production, including seed germination, vegetative development, flowering, and harvesting.

What is ANZN | When was ANZN founded?
What is ANZN | When was ANZN founded?

When was ANZN founded?

All nutrients ANZ (ANZN) was founded in 2010 by Dr. David Hammer and his team at ANZN Laboratories Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand. In 2013, he began launching his brand of nutritional products, including a line of CBD tinctures.

Cannabidiol Global Limited (CBD-Global), based in Colorado, USA, is widely recognized as one of America’s leading hemp oil producers and suppliers. They are leaders in many areas of the cannabis industry and lead the market in the production of certified organic cannabis oil products using industrial hemp grown organically from Kansas and Colorado. Their products include tinctures, soft gels, and balms.

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Which is a privately held company that produces whole edible hemp oil throughout North America. Their proprietary method of CO2 extraction produces high-quality hemp oil free of contaminants. Their product line includes over 100 different products, including tinctures, soft gel capsules, topical lotions, personal care items, pet food, and dietary supplements.

What is ANZN?”

ANZN is Australia’s largest certified organic nursery specializing in bulk bedding, houseplants, trees, shrubs, hardy perennials, grasses, small fruits, vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers. Established in 1982, we supply high-quality products from around the world including South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia. All our stock comes from trusted producers who follow strict codes of practice and adhere to Australian Government standards. They are regularly inspected to make sure they meet or exceed our high standards.

ANZN stands for Australian National Zinc Nutrients. These are zinc-based fertilizers used in the cultivation of Australian-grown strains. They are highly concentrated sources of zinc, making them ideal for growers who want to increase their yields.

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