What is the Definition of Communication

What is the Definition of Communication : Communication is the process of transmitting and exchanging messages from one person to another. Communication is derived from Latin ommunicativeso which means to share, to participate in or to share in something. Through the process of communication, humans share information with each other, thereby communicating the activity necessary for life in society.

The term communication is also used in the sense of a connection between two points, for example, a means of transport that forms communication or a technical means of (communication) between two cities.

Meaning of Communication :

If we consider the meaning of communication literally, then it is a technical word which is the Hindi version of the English word communication. The word ‘communication’ is derived from four Sanskrit words, Char dhatu means walking. The general meaning of communication is to move, drive or spread something. When we use the word ‘communication’ in the specific sense of communication, then it becomes a definitional word.

The word communication in English means group, or relation of human beings with each other, brotherhood, friendship, partnership etc. That is, to communicate with each other, to exchange. In simple words, communication between two people sitting face to face, gossip, telephone conversation, correspondence, television programs are broadcast through satellite, etc.

What is the Definition of Communication :

The word communication is derived from the Latin language which means to provide, to normalize. Communication is the exchange of thoughts and feelings of the mind or sharing of thoughts with others by making them common. The word communication is translation of the English language word. Which has evolved from the word Commune. Which means to share means to share. Communication is a modern subject. It is directly related to subjects like psychology, sociology, pedagogy, social work. Various thinkers have tried to define its definition.

1_ According to Cherry there is an exchange of communication catalysts.

2_ Shannon defines communication as the effect of one mind on another.

3_ Millen has defined communication from administrative point of view. According to you, communication is the lifeline of administrative organisation.

4_ In the words of Dr. Shymarcharan: – Communication is the main medium of socialization. Social and cultural traditions are passed from one generation to another through communication. Every state and every form of socialization is dependent on communication. Man becomes a social animal from a biological being when he imbibes cultural attitudes, values ​​and behavior-types through communication.

5_ According to Bieber, all those ways by which one human being can influence another come under communication.

6_ In Newman’s view, communication is the exchange of feelings between two or many persons.

7_ According to Wilver, communication is a process by which a message is transmitted from the source to the listener.

Thus, based on the analysis of the above definitions, it can be concluded that communication is a type of partnership, in which knowledge, ideas, feelings and information are mutually exchanged understanding the meaning. This partnership is between the sender and the receiver. The communication contained in the communication needs to be effective and meaningful. Communication binds us together. Communication can also be said to be the axis of society-building, abandoning which from life can cause emotional harm to man.

Importance of Communication :

Communication is a two-way process where ideas are exchanged. Without communication it is impossible to move human resources. There are many means of transmitting communication. Communication can be considered successful only when the recipient interprets the message sent and gives feedback. Communication is of utmost importance in various aspects of human life. Communication can also be considered a practical element because the behavior of one person directly affects the other person. In administration and organization, communication remains at the central level, which conducts human and organization activities. Conducts communications activities. With reference to the importance of communication, it can also be said that there is a cause and solution to all the problems of the world. Management cannot even be conceived in the absence of effective communication. Recognizing the importance of communication in administration, Alvin Daad writes that “communication is the main problem of management.” Theo Hyman says that “the success of managerial functions depends on efficient communication. Communication creates a convenient process in Terry’s words that acts as a lubricant. According to Suozanin, “Good communication is very important for an integrated approach to management. The importance of communication can be well understood in the context of these points-

1_ Planning and communication – Planning is a very important and primary function, the achievement of the goal depends on the effective implementation of efficient planning. Communication is essential for both planning and its implementation. For efficient planning, many types of necessary and useful information, facts and figures and orders, instructions and guidance are required for efficient implementation.

2_ Organization and Communication – Determining and delegating rights and responsibilities and making employees aware of them come in the field of organization, this work is also impossible without communication. “In communication Bernard describes the major purpose as “the lack of an organizer for a certain device”.

3_ Motivation and Communication- Employees are motivated by the managers, for which communication is required. Information is a special weapon, in the words of Drucker, which the manager does not act to trick people, but to direct and systematically motivate them. To do all these things, the language of oral or written words or numbers is his only tool.

4_ Coordination and Communication – Coordination is necessary to give a definite direction to the efforts made by a group. According to Newman, “Good communication helps in coordination.” Cushing Niles writes that good communication is essential for coordination. Communication In the words of Bernard, “In any B medium organization individuals can be brought together to achieve a common objective”

5_ Control and Communication – Efficient management tries to know whether the work is being done according to the predetermined plan or not? Apart from this, he tries to detect errors and deviations and correct them as soon as possible and prevent their recurrence. All this work is not possible without efficient communication system.

6_ Decision making and communication – It is essential for the managers to get the right and adequate information, facts and figures at the right time to take the right decision. This work is also not possible without an effective communication system.

7_ Effectiveness – In order to provide effective services, it is necessary that there is a free exchange of ideas and ideas among the members of the staff. The effectiveness of an organization depends on how much the employees there exchange ideas among themselves and how much they understand each other’s point of view.

8_ Maximum production at minimum expenditure- The aim of all prudent managers is to produce maximum, best and cheapest. To increase productivity, it is necessary that there should be no differences in the organization, there should be mutual harmony, in which ‘communication’ has proved to be very helpful.

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