Why Aristotle is called Father of political Science

Hello, friends welcome. Today we talk about the person called the father of politics i.e. Aristotle. As you all know politics started in the western world. Aristotle was a great thinker and philosopher of the ancient Greeks. Aristotle is also considered the father of politics. (Father of political Science)

Just as Plato is considered to be the source of inspiration for politics, although Plato had initially considered politics, Plato’s ideas are considered to be based on complete knowledge and imagination. Aristotle made a great contribution to politics, that is why Aristotle is considered the father of politics.

Why Aristotle is called Father of political Science
Why Aristotle is called Father of political Science

Before Aristotle, there was political thought, but politics was not a science. The credit of giving the status of independent science to state, subject, thought and political science goes to Aristotle.

Aristotle, keeping in mind the circumstances of Greece, gave many ideas related to politics. That is why Maxi calls Aristotle the first political scientist. Aristotle’s method and the universal elements inherent in his theory establish him as the first scientific thinker in the history of Raj Philosophy.

Aristotle’s Contribution to Political Science :

Aristotle first used the inductive method i.e. inductive method. After that many experiments were done. Analytical method i.e. Analytical Methods as well Supervisory Method Supervision Methods as well as Comparative Method Balance Method used. Which emphasizes reality and practicality. It was used only by Aristotle.

The scientific approach towards politics was first adopted by Aristotle. Aristotle, in his great treatise ‘Politics’, first resorted to the observational, comparative method. Simultaneously, Aristotle studied the constitutions of 158 countries.

Aristotle was a Greek philosopher as well as Aristotle’s most beloved disciple of Plato. It is the important contribution of Aristotle to give political science the form of independent science. According to Plato, politics and ethics are mixed. Aristotle separated politics from ethics and introduced political science.

Aristotle was the first to study the whole theory of the state comprehensively. From the theory of origin and development of the state to its nature, constitution, citizenship law, revolution, etc., all important topics were discussed. Its clear description is not found even in Plato.

Aristotle first formulated the three parts of the system of governance, policy-making, administrative and judicial. Because it believed in the supremacy of law and constitutional rule, understanding it is called the father of constitutionalism.

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Aristotle believes in the supremacy of law. According to Plato, the institution of rules and laws is believed in rather than governed by the most prudent persons.

Aristotle propounded the middle path through scientific understanding. For this reason, problems are considered realistically and practically. Aristotle presented the middle path through scientific understanding. For this reason, problems are considered realistically and practically.

Public welfare, also the originator of the state, when he says that the state is born for life. And his continuation remains for a happy life. The behavior and ideas of mixed government propounded by Aristotle are exemplary. In which he has established a beautiful synergy of monarchy, aristocracy, and democracy.

Aristotle has given sufficient importance to justice and education in the state. Justice is the most important thing for a cultured society. Education plays a very important role in inculcating allegiance to the constitution and the state among the citizens of the state. Ultimately it was Aristotle who first propounded politics as a science. If all things considered, it is clear that Aristotle is the first political scientist and the father of political science. The use of the scientific method is still relevant today. The subjects on which Aristotle considered and gave his theories are as useful today as they were in Aristotle’s time.

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